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The caves of Yana are located in the immediate vicinity of the Sahyadri. The caves contain special elements of the homemade Shiv Ling, which are present in the Gangodbhava temple. The road from Gokarna joins the Kumta-Sirsi highway and there is no turning to the Yana Caves.

The tropical forests of Uttara in Kannada (Karnataka), India. The walk to the caves is a beautiful trail surrounded by lush green forests, fascinating landscapes and beauties, beautiful caves, bubbling rivers and a variety of fauna and flora.

The caves are accessible by trekking and present between beautiful hills, waterfalls and access points.

Yana Caves are a great stopover about 50 km from Gokarna if you want to experience the beauty of the western ghats.

The dense green forest, thick foliage, streams that cut off the path and occasional birdsong, and crickets are some of the things you are likely to experience during the short hike to the caves.

The caves are limestone rocks with black karst structures.

What’s Yana

Yana is a village in the forest between Sirsi, Kumta and Uttara in the district of Kannada in Karnataka, India. It is known for unique karst rock formations. This is greatly known for its numerous unusual rock formations.

The Sahyadri hills of North Karnataka and Yana are a picturesque hill station whose beauty captivates the hills and appeals to gloomy walkers.

Yana is the cleanest village in Karnataka and one of the wettest villages in the world.

Yana is located in the Sahyadri Mountains in the Western Ghats as said earlier, about 60 kilometers from the port of Karwar, 39 kilometers from Sirsi and 31 kilometers from Kumta. It is also one of the wettest villages in India and the second cleansing village in the country. The village of Yana in the Indian state of Karnataka.

In the vicinity of the village of Yana rise two rocky monoliths or hills surrounded by dense forests and streams. They are part of the Sahyadri Mountains in the western ghats of southern India and give the village and the mountains a striking identity.

There are two unique rocks in the area, Bhairaveshwara Shikhara and Mohini Shikhara with 120 and 90 meters high respectively.

The first rock hill, Bhairaveshwara Shikhara, has a 3 meter wide opening in the rock wall leading to a cave. In the cave there is a bronze statue of Chandika, an incarnation of the goddess Durga.

Image – tripadvisor.com

Water drips from the roof into the linga and contributes to the sanctity of the place. Legend has it that when Shiva tried to escape from Bhasmasura, he took refuge in this cave.

When you walk through the Linga, you will see a 10 foot wide opening in the rock (bhairaveshwara or shikhara) leading to the cave.

One can enter the cave from one end and come out from the other, thus completing a revolution in the entire linga.

If you visit these places, you can include the Yana Caves in your trip. If you are looking for a private or customized tour, visit the caves of Gokarna, Karwar, Dandeli and Yana.

There is so much to explore, limestone rocks for 2 days of hiking and sightseeing. There are two main hills, Mohini Shikhara (90 m) and Bhairaveshwara Shikharas (120 m(.

Coming from Kumta, one has to hike a bit up the hill. When you get to Sirsi, go to the top of the hill and climb down the slope on gentle rocks.

Yana Rocks are two sizeable black monolithic rocks located in the heart of a dense forest. The Yana Caves are two stunning peaks, black, crystalline limestone peaks that rise into the sky and overlook the dense forest that covers the western ghat of Uttar Kannada.

One peak is 400 feet high and is called Bhairaveshwari Shikhara and the other is 300 feet high and is called Mohini shikhara.

The gigantic crystalline rock formations of Yana stand proudly in the tall evergreen forests of the western ghat of Uttara in the district of Kannada.

A 16 km hike through cool, breezy hills takes you to the foot of the mountain where the rock formations start.

This unusual rock formation photo does not show you the exclusivity of one of the most rarely seen places about 70 km from Sirsi.

The rocks form eerie forms due to corrosion in the caves around them due to underwater springs and rain effects. One of these caves is the home of Swayambhu Linga, which consists of stalagmites and stalactites and is formed around the Bhairaveshwara Temple. The temple itself is popular with the locals during the Shivaratri festival of divine washing.

The vagaries of time cause the stunning BhairaveShwara and Jaganmohini Shikharas peaks to turn blackish brown and many hives litter the rock surface.

Image – Wikipedia

You will not meet vehicles, people or even a few bikers passing through the Yana Caves. You can also find locals walking through the caves and temples all the time.

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