How To Reach Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills, a perfect weekend getaway. This place has gained super popularity from past few years. Are you visiting this place for the first time? Then, it is very important to know how to reach there, what would be the best means, places to visit, and much more.

Here’s the guide to help you understand everything about Nandi Hills and reach there easily.

By Bike

Best and affordable means of travelling to this place would be on bike. It would be an awesome weekend if you stick to this plan

  • Plan and get up at 3:30/4:00 AM in the morning. (From Bangalore)
  • Check if all good with you bike. She would be taking you over 120 km two way.
  • Start your journey to Nandi Hills from Bangalore.
  • You could reach the hill top in 90 mins to 140 mins. Depends totally on your speed.
  • If you are really confused with the location, just turn on the maps, tune into an amazing music and get going!

By Bus

Remember, there are no buses that would take you to the hill top directly. If you planning to visit Nandi Hills by bus, here’s how you have to get there.

  • Reach majestic bus station
  • Find and get into the bus that takes you to Chikkaballapura (around 62 km and 90 mins journey). The ticket price is around Rs 50 /- per person.
  • Once you reach Chikkaballapura, get the bus that takes you to the Nandi Hills signal (20 mins journey, Rs 20 per person) (No bus going up to the hill top)
  • You have to take any private vehicle/auto/cab from there to reach the hill top. (they charge too much) Do not give them the money they ask for!!

On the whole, this bus journey would be new, adventures, and exciting. You could just try it once. It would be really not possible if you want to witness the sunrise as there would be no vehicles at that time.

By Private Car Cab/Taxi

This is definitely an option if you own a car or can hire a cab. Generally, cabs charge around Rs 2500 /- for the whole trip incl driver beta. It is suggested to book a round trip from 4 to 12/1 PM.

Image Source – Wikimedia

Note –

  • There is no direct bus from Bangalore to Nandi Hills
  • You cannot witness the beautiful sunrise if you opt to take the bus
  • Budget way of travelling to this place would be via Bus
  • 5:00 AM – 7:00 AM is the best time to visit this place.


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